MMC differentiators

MMC Differentiators

Our reputation is built on 4 major strengths: our solid experience in crisis management (both in on and offline media), our exclusive methodologies, our track record in the management of sensitive situations, our fields of excellence.

Solid experience in the management of crises in on and offline media

  • MMC’s consultants have between 10 and 20 years of experience in offline crisis communication and about eight years in web crisis communication. They have consulted on web issues for over seven years, in particular in the fields of blogs, websites and social media. In January 2016, MMC has published "bad buzz 2015 : research findings". In 2015, Marie Muzard has launched a book "Very Bad Buzz, méthode pour préserver sa réputation sur internet" (Editions Eyrolles). A corporate blog dedicated to negative buzzes has been launched in February 2015.

Exclusive, practical methods.

  • MMC has devised exclusive methods, based on its experience and expertise in ethology (the study of behaviour), psychology and neuroscience. Marie Muzard published “Ces grands singes qui nous dirigent” (Albin Michel), an essay on the ethology of power in business.

An exceptional track record in crisis management.

  • MMC has a track record of 20 years in crisis management, and has helped all its clients swiftly counter their bad buzz, thereby preventing a full-blown crisis.

Fields of excellence

  • MMC’s has solid experience in a number of fields, most particularly in luxury, banking/insurance, retail/distribution, cosmetics, chemical companies, food industry and high tech.

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