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Marie Muzard

Managing Director of MMC
The Founder and CEO of MMC, Marie Muzard has more than 25 years of experience in the management of on and offline sensitive situations (development of methodologies). Marie is the author of “Ces grands singes qui nous dirigent” (Albin Michel) and has launched a book dedicated to bad buzzes (Editions Eyrolles, 2015). She also created Mynetwords, a website dedicated to ”webspeak” (2010).

Professional experience

Since 1993 : Managing Director of MMC

Marie has managed a wide variety of crises and digital bad buzzes (social, consumer, safety, etc.) for international companies.

Marie Muzard created an international network of specialised partners (financial communications, crisis communications, marketing and legal advisors…) in alignment with MMC’s charter of ethics and work practices).

External Communications Manager for Lagardère Active for 9 years, while in her function as consultant with her agency MMC.

1986 to 1993 : Media consultant

Director of Media Department , Carrefour Group in charge of managing Carrefour portfolio.

Media consultant for Francom, one of the leading French communications agencies.

  • In 1988, Marie created the Media Training Department of Francom.

1982 to 1986 Démoscopie Cofremca Group

  • Carried out qualitative research


  • Soon to be released: Marie Muzard’s upcoming book is dedicated to the management of a bad buzz on the web. Its goal is to provide a methodology, illustrated by 100 actual bad buzz situations. To be published in early 2015 (Editions Eyrolles).
  • : Mynetwords is a new website dedicated to the language of the internet. In this glossary, Marie Muzard explains all these new words that have not yet found their place in print dictionaries and also ventures an opinion on what is really behind them, whether we should laugh at them, take them seriously or be very afraid...(march 2010)
  • Guide to Financial Communication, “key words which influence positively or negatively stock market shares “.
  • Ces grands singes qui nous dirigent, Albin Michel éditions - June 1993.
  • Co-author of of Dictionnaire Encyclopédique et Critique de la Communication, éditions PUF, May 1993.
Marie Muzard

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